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Texas Sweet Heat Mild Salsa

Mild Salsa

Crafted from the freshest ingredients Texas has to offer, our original mild salsa blends the natural sweetness of ripe Roma tomatoes with the crisp zing of jalapeño peppers for a perfectly balanced taste.

This salsa is a delightful companion for your favorite dishes, enhancing quesadillas, nachos, and stuffed peppers with its unique combination of heat and sweet. Every spoonful promises a taste of Texas, making it an essential addition to any meal seeking a mild yet flavorful kick.

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Texas Sweet Heat Hot Salsa

Hot Salsa

Our Hot Salsa is the audacious kin to our milder variety, delivering a robust kick for those who dare. Crafted with an exclusive mix of premium spices, it harmoniously combines the sweetness of ripe peppers with the fiery zest of their hotter counterparts, creating a unique and invigorating heat that beckons for another taste.

Perfect for enlivening your next barbecue or family event, this zesty salsa promises to be the centerpiece of any festive table.

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  • Maryann L.


    I just received my first order from Texas Sweet Heat a couple of days ago. It was 3 jars of the Best Mild salsa I have ever tasted. True to their name, it has a hint of sweetness. I'm sure their Hot is equally delicious, I just can't eat hot salsa. I will buy from Texas Sweet Heat again!

  • Jan W.


    I received my first order today (mild.). I couldn’t wait to try it. It was delicious and very tasty. Just the right amount of heat and sweetness. It was not too hot at all! I will definitely be ordering again...wish you made it in gallon jugs.

  • Nina G.


    Love, love the flavor of Texas Sweet Heat. We are on our second order. I prefer the sweet and my husband likes the hot. A fantastic find. We already sent a jar to my sister.