Mexican Layered Dip

Mexican Layered Dip

Mexican Layered Dip


1 can refried beans

tabasco sauce, to taste 

1 can diced green chilies

ground cumin, to taste

¾ cup grated sharp cheddar cheese

1 cup sour cream

1 cup guacamole

¾ cup monterey jack cheese

1 can black olives

1 cup Texas Sweet Heat Salsa hot or mild



Begin by throwing the refried beans into a small pan over medium-low heat. Add several dashes of Tabasco sauce and a small can of (undrained) diced green chilies. Stir well. Next, sprinkle a little bit of ground cumin. Spread the beans on the bottom of a glass bowl or high-sided dish. Over this, sprinkle the sharp cheddar. Next, plop your sour cream and spread it into a single layer, careful not to disturb the cheese underneath. Then, spread guacamole over the sour cream. Follow this with a layer of montery jack cheese and a nice sprinkling of chopped black olives. Finally, place a generous layer of Texas Sweet Heat Salsa and enjoy.

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