Press Release: Texas Sweet Heat Salsa

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Press Release: Texas Sweet Heat Salsa

Experience America’s newest inspired salsa! Texas Sweet Heat Salsa


Are you looking for something special when choosing salsa? Texas Sweet Heat is not only delicious but takes you to a new level of flavor by using premium ingredients. It’s bold, it’s unique and the flavors are unlike other salsas in the marketplace with a touch of sweet and savory. Texas Sweet Heat is the product of inspired gourmet innovation and passion and was crafted to delight the salsa experience. After tasting and reviewing a sea of mediocre salsas, creator Larry Certain knew he could do better. His goal was to craft a salsa steeped in the tradition of Texas flavors but elevated through the implementation of ingredients to offer a salsa that’s bold, yet refined, tasteful yet inspired.

Texas Sweet Heat is committed to providing their customers with the finest Salsas in America, as well as customer service second to none. The award-winning salsa was a 2019 Scovie Award winner and has won several other national and regional awards. They also believe in sharing their good fortune and are donating 10% of their profits to charities.

Texas Sweet Heat Salsa flavors include “Mild,” a mild salsa that is the perfect combination of heat and sweet. It’s ripe with Roma tomatoes that provide natural sweetness and crisp jalapeno peppers that add a zing. Each bite is packed full of the freshest ingredients that Texas has to offer. It’s perfect for nachos, chips and dip and stuffed peppers. (as well as Texas Sweet Heat “Hot” is the bold sibling to their Mild and packs a punch. This proprietary blend of superior spices mingles with both sweet and hot peppers to produce a heat that will have users coming back for more. Other Texas Sweet Heat Salsas and sauces will be available in 2019.

Texas- Sweet Heat Salsas are currently being used by caterers, restaurants, foodies, gourmets and salsa lovers nationwide. It can be purchased at gourmet and specialty retailers, food services, food and gift catalogs, upscale grocery retailers or online at

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Texas Sweet Heat Salsa gets a “Sweet” Win!

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TEXAS, Feb. 26, 2019 – Texas-based Texas Sweet Heat Salsa got a “sweet” win at the 5th Annual World Hot Sauce Awards held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Texas Sweet Heat is now a World Champion salsa company.