Shipping & Returns

Our shipping charges are based on the delivery method, size, weight, as well as the delivery destination.

We have a shipping rates calculator that's available when you add items to your cart, so you can estimate the cost before the checkout process.

Because salsa is a physical product, the cost to ship 3 jars of salsa is incredibly expensive. To ship a 3-pack of salsa, we are shipping a package that is 11x6x4 and weighs 5.36 lbs (rounded up to 5.5lbs by USPS).

Average shipping costs to all 50 states is as much as $11 or $12.

These are hard costs and do not include the labor to make the box (heavy-grade to reduce damage), wrap the individual jars, bubble wrap the jar, pack the jars, seal the box, attach the fragile and shipping labels, and then drive 3.5 miles and back to deliver to the shipping point.

Depending on the delivery destination, orders can take up to 2 weeks to arrive.