How Laterra Began...

The Laterra began with the association of three beekeepers who wanted to create products using all natural, fresh, non-genetically modified ingredients.  From this vision the Laterra Artisan Harvest brand was born.  Using traditional recipes from old Mexico a line of fine artisan sauces began.
The Laterra brand has grown into a favorite among food lovers in Europe, Japan and now we are introducing it to the United States.  By using only fresh ingredients grown in traditional ways, we are bringing these authentic Mexican products to tables across the United States.

The manufacture of these authentic products is in Tequisquipan, central Mexico in the heart of a rich agricultural district ensuring a supply of fresh products.

In addition Laterra has managed to build a network of small traditional growers across Mexico that reflects the love and passion for authentic Mexican cuisine and products from all over the country.

We hope you enjoy trying these authentic products at home with your friends and family.